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To Laia, Margot and all the girls.

“Woman is the nigger of the world” Yoko Ono

The west likes to dedicate all of its available attention to the plight of women in our society to the condition of women in Arab or African countries, seldom do we try to see how women in the west are also subjugated, although to a different degree and with a host of freedoms that others elsewhere can only dream of, yet none the less in the west women still remain men’s dream of who they are. The only alternative never considered to resolve the ills of our civilization is to give all reigns to women. Rape, war, pillaging, domestic violence, substance abuse and crime are a man’s thing. The history of humanity is the catalogue of the failures of man, not woman. Throughout most of it women have been nothing but a commodity to be managed and manhandled, like livestock. Civilization is a creation of men, for men and it’s a miserable failure. Ok, granted, we can keep food refrigerated for long periods of time but people still starve none the less, simply because men can’t get their shit together. When I say women, I mean true women, women in touch with their feminine nature, who know the value of and cherish life, unlike the Thatchers, the Rices, the Clintons, and the Mays, who push the agendas of men for the profit of men.

The only bank that did not go bust during the Icelandic financial crisis was one completely managed by women. It's well known that Matriarchal societies have no incidences of crime, domestic violence or substance abuse. It's past time we give women a shot at it. Perhaps then true humanism can come to be.